The Gutter Shrike by Gwen DeMarco

The Gutter Shrike by Gwen DeMarco (Birds of Erishum #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Vallen, once a member of the king’s shrikes, now stands accused of treason against the Kingdom of Erishum. Alongside four others, he has been condemned to serve as a sacrifice to the monstrous hyva that roam the Dying Wilds.
His only hope for survival is a shadowy map and religious amulet his childhood friend Nyssa slipped him. Despite terrible odds, Vallen manages to escape from the sacrificial mound, but not before uncovering a terrible secret – one that could shatter the very bedrock of Erishum – only known to King Jorek and the Grand Enumerox Berossus. Now he must return to Erishum to save Nyssa from the fate of an irreconcilably corrupt kingdom.

Their quest for escape takes them through the perilous heart of the Dying Wilds in the hopes of finding a new home. Their journey is fraught with challenges that stretch their bravery and resilience. Venturing into the treacherous depths of the corrupt land, Vallen and Nyssa find themselves locked in a relentless struggle against the ever-present dangers of hyvas, treacherous landscapes, unpredictable weather, and startling revelations. They forge on without knowing if there is even life beyond the vast dead lands.

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