Tears of the Maelstrom by Timothy Wolff

Tears of the Maelstrom by Timothy Wolff (The Legacy of Boulom #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

With Vaynex on the brink of civil war, Tempest Claw struggles for peace among his people, many of whom seek vengeance for their lost deity. As the recession grows deeper, one thing remains clear: Tempest will either find common ground with his brethren, or a tomb buried within the sand.

Serenna Morgan struggles in her new role as Guardian leader. With insufficient time to mend the emotional scars from the last Harbinger, she must prepare a scattered team to defend the realm from old enemies reemerging in the South, along with a new divine nemesis scheming in the West.
David Williams finds service to a goddess much like his time as a Guardian: endless and hopeless. With their growing influence infecting every kingdom, he goes rogue for a new purpose:
To create a realm without gods.

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