Into the Red by Christine Pattle

Into the Red by Christine Pattle (The Murder Mile #1)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 653 KB

When the going gets tough, she can give up… or fight for her life.

When Rose Marsden takes a job managing the local convenience store after witnessing the fatal stabbing of the shop’s owner, she knows it will be tough.
Soon, she is on the receiving end of a gangland protection racket and realises these men may be responsible for the murder. Too afraid of repercussions to talk to the police, Rose is forced to take action to protect her son when he unknowingly befriends a gang member.

As she asks one question too many, the violence and intimidation escalate amid her son’s growing friendship with one of her extortionists.
When her son’s life is threatened, Rose will do anything to keep him safe, whatever the cost to herself.

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