Taken Before My Vows by J.J. Nova

Taken Before My Vows by J.J. Nova
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Jemma’s search became warm, where she found the tracks of a serial killer, and followed the trail.
As her initiative rose to high gear, she didn’t wait for action, but hit the ground hard on this killer, tackling her first big case head on.
She wasn’t dealing with just any killer, but a psychopath, whose trail seems to lead to many past cases of unsolved murders.

Though Jemma made much progress, she couldn’t nail down the truth as to who the killer really was. She had to force herself to take on the aid of a former sheriff to make further headway.
The closer she got to the serial killer, the more confusing it became, which threw away any possible clues of direction into disarray.
The idea that the killer might be cunning made her shiver, but she was thrilled to move on and take this sucker down.
But soon, Jemma dug a little too deep into the mind of this psycho, before things got personal.

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